Palico Accessibility Policy

Palico (“Palico”, “we” or “us”) is the operator of the environment accessible through (the “Site”). References to Palico herein refer to Palico SAS or its designees as deemed appropriate by Palico. Individuals who are authorized members of Palico (“Members”) or who are officers, directors, employees, agents or contractors of Members of Palico, together with such Members, are collectively referred to herein as “Users” or “you.”The Site allows investors (“Investors“), sponsors (“Sponsors“) and service providers (“Service Providers“) to register for and have access to Palico’s platform, which is intended to enable Members to source and manage business opportunities, relationships and related information within the private equity industry (the “Platform“, and together with the Site, “Palico Network“).Palico has an ongoing commitment to ensure that the content on Palico Network is accessible to all visitors. Palico Network has been designed in accordance with guidelines published by the Web Accessibility Initiative (WAI).

1. Navigation

All pages contain a link to the homepage through the logo.

The navigation system has been designed with consistency in order to provide clear navigation pathways throughout Palico Network.

2. Design

We have ensured that the design of Palico Network has taken into account the needs of our Users. As such, we have implemented the following:

  • Palico Network’s content is user-friendly and laid out in an easy-to-navigate way, taking into consideration Users with speech readers.
  • Palico Network is designed for an 1024×668 view so horizontal scrolling is not normally required.
  • All content images on Palico Network are provided with descriptive ALT attributes.
  • We use descriptive hyperlink text.

3. Enlarging Text

To permanently enlarge the text in your Internet browser, follow the instructions for your specific browser. If you have problems changing your settings, use the Help menu in your browser toolbar.

  • In Internet Explorer, go to the View menu and select Text Size.
  • In Mozilla and Firefox, go to the View menu and select Text Size.
  • In Opera, go to the File menu, select Preferences then Fonts and then change Minimum font size (pixels).
  • In Safari, go to the View menu and select Make Text Bigger or press the Apple Key and then the plus key (+).


If you discover some of Palico Network has been difficult to use, please contact us.