Frequently asked questions

For service providers
How can I get contact details for a potential client?

Palico does not provide contact details for members. You can find members using the firm and people screeners and then contact them through Palico.

Can you add news about my firm to your news feed?

Our analysts monitor 50+ PE news sources and select the most important stories to include in Palico News. We do not accept press releases or other news stories beyond what we select each day. Depending on your premium plan, you may be able to use our Broadcasts or Updates feature to send news to the Palico community.

How can I cancel my premium subscription?

Once you become a premium member, you can cancel your subscription at any time on this page. Your premium subscription will continue until your next renewal date and you will not be billed again. After that point, you can continue to use your basic membership.

How do I cancel my membership and delete my account

If you want to cancel your membership, we’ll be sorry to see you go, but you can do so at any time by writing

What do I get with premium membership?

What you get with premium membership depends on your industry role, your regulatory status, and the plan you choose. Click here for more information about what is available to you.

How much does Palico cost?

Palico is free to join and all users benefit from free access to basic features. Depending on your role in the PE industry and your regulatory status, several plans are available for access to premium features. Regardless of which plan you choose, you can cancel at any time. Primary and secondary listings in the marketplace’s secure data rooms are free. Investments/sales closed as a direct result of a Palico marketplace contact are subject to a 0.5% success fee paid by the investment sponsor/seller.

How do I become a member of Palico?

Becoming a member of Palico is fast and easy for private equity managers and investors. Complete this short form with your professional email address and we’ll send you a confirmation email with a link to the platform. Click the link and you will get access to Palico’s screeners, news, and more. If you or your firm are an accredited investor or regulated entity, we recommend that you request accreditation after you create your account so that you can access the Marketplace.


I am looking for angel investment or other funding for my business? Can I post information on Palico?

Palico is a marketplace for PE investors (LPs) and PE fund managers (GPs) to meet, engage and transact. Although GPs will use the funds they manage to invest directly in businesses, Palico does not help business owners seeking PE investment and we do not currently have any place to list such investment opportunities in our marketplace.


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