Do you know how to get the most out of Palico

With 30,000 members and four years of experience, here’s what we’ve learned.

LP Looking for New GPs

Palico’s 9,500 GP profiles are the first place to look when you want to expand your investment opportunities beyond your existing network:

    • Use the GP Screener to find firms based on region, strategy, assets under management, fundraising status, and more. Palico makes it easy to get an initial understanding of the firm and reach out to those that interest you.
    • View the fundraisings of firms you find and request access to their data rooms. With Palico can you quickly view key GP-supplied marketing document before deciding to invest time in deeper discussions.
    • Select GPs to follow and set your investment interests to be notified of new investment opportunities as they arise. That’s how Palico allows you to broadly and efficiently cover the entire market.