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Brace yourself for PE’s ESG revolution

If you thought that ESG was already top of the private equity agenda, think again. Things are only just getting started. We’ve already seen the tide turn here at Palico in the last year or so, with sustainability strategies and diverse teams becoming a more common sight, especially among European

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The best PE firms lead by example on ESG

We recently attended the IPEM, SuperInvestor, and SuperReturn conferences in Paris, London, and Boston. It felt great to venture back out into the real world and meet with so many people face to face after so long. There is no substitute for shaking hands and interacting personally, and we look

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The sooner investors reach their target allocations, the better

Is private equity a worthwhile asset class and, if so, how should one go about building exposure to it?  The first answer to this two-part question is simple: Yes. Using a sophisticated returns metric known as a modified Public Market Equivalent—essentially replicating private investment performance under public market conditions, by

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A private equity perspective on inflation

There’s one word defining investor sentiment in 2021: inflation. Stock and bond markets have been tying themselves in knots trying to predict the state of play. Tech shares in particular have taken a knock of late. This is because these speculative assets are valued today on tomorrow’s expected earnings, making

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