Palico’s Digital Roadshows

Focus less on the road
and more on the show

Save your investor relations team time and money

Traditional roadshows

Traditional roadshows take considerable time and money as your team travels from city to city performing the same presentation to different investors.

Palico Digital roadshows

Palico’s digital roadshows allow you to present to multiple investors across multiple regions so that your team can spend less time on the road and more time on the show (not to mention reducing your carbon footprint).

Host your own digital roadshow

Pitch your investment opportunity to LPs from around the globe

Select a theme for your roadshow​

Build a powerful and compelling narrative to capture the interest and attention of an international array of institutional investors.

Invite and keep track of
participating LPs​

Start analyzing your growing body of prospects as our algorithm begins notifying LPs with matching investment preferences.

Share your fund story with confidence and flexibility ​

Present your ideas and supporting documentation with ease – plus enjoy the benefits of a digital environment where you can seamlessly incorporate rich media and other interactive tools.

Engage with LPs through
interactive Q&As​

Answer investor questions on the fly to make sure that you are generating the interactions and engagement that allow you to foster those key relationships.

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