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List your fundraising opportunity on Palico and benefit from exposure to more than 2,800 vetted global institutional investors. Use our digital fundraising tools to effectively communicate with new and existing LP relationships. It’s GP fundraising made simple.

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Palico, 24/7 exposure to LPs

Fundraising is a matter of exposure and compatibility for fund managers. With our digital platform, your fundraising is accessible to the world’s leading online pool of LP investors who are just a click from connecting with you.

Leading LP
Member Base

Access to thousands of LPs of all types, from around the globe. All vetted to ensure experience & sophistication.

Matchmaking Algorithm

Boost your fund visibility with our proprietary algorithm that matches you with LPs whose interests are aligned with your fund details and strategy.

Fundraise Alerting

Alert our LP network of your achievements with updates like recent investments made, press coverage, or hitting first close milestone.

Get exposure to thousands of vetted investors
using Palico’s PE fund marketplace.

Our platform. Your relationships.

The Palico platform provides a powerful fundraising management tool where you can control and manage LP communications and opportunities.

Easy, secure, and without compromise

Palico offers GPs the ability to take their fundraising process online.
From LP introductions to deal finalization, Palico streamlines the fundraising process like never before.

Getting started is quick and easy with our standardized application process and listing template.
The platform uses multiple security layers and fully encrypted end-to-end technology to ensure the confidentiality of information being communicated on Palico.
Palico is designed to complement your fundraising efforts. That’s why we work on a non-exclusive basis.

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