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Arnaud Burel, COGEPA
Arnaud Burel, COGEPA
What’s great about Palico is that we discover smaller and midsized fundraisings from outside of the mainstream and from outside of the world’s major money centers.
Arnaud Burel, COGEPA

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Palico’s expanded our contacts with promising GPs; it’s a great one-stop shop for private equity.
Kugjae Lee, Samsung Life Investment
With Palico we stay on top of investment opportunities across the globe and across specialties.
Gonzalo Eguiagaray, Arcano Group
It’s great to push a button and see everything that’s out there. Palico helps me do my job better.

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Frequently asked questions

How do I get access to Palico’s digital marketplace?
You have to complete the registration form in order to be verified as an accredited investor as defined by the SEC.
Do I have to invest if I request information on a fund?
There is no obligation to invest after requesting information on a fund or access to a data room.
General Solicitation
Palico does not engage in general solicitation.
Is my contact information shared with the community?
When you request information on a fund your name and your company’s name are shared with the group that’s posted the opportunity, but your direct contact information remains confidential.
Once I’ve found an opportunity, do evaluation and investment processes remain online?
You can take the conversation/due diligence offline at any time.
Is Palico a Broker-Dealer?
No, Palico simply provides an online Do-It-Yourself fundraising platform.
Palico provides neither fundraising nor investment advice.
Palico does not take part in the transaction.
Reverse solicitation and AIFMD
Palico’s platform is based on reverse solicitation as LPs discover opportunities on their own and must request access to data rooms. In most areas of the world - and notably according to the European Union’s AIFMD regulations - reverse solicitation permits an LP to interact with a GP who isn’t passported into the LP’s home country for marketing purposes.
As part of the reverse solicitation process, only LP members that have registered their interests on Palico are notified about new fundraisings that match their interests.