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Overview of H.F.S. Deutschland 9

H.F.S. Deutschland 9 is a liquidated private equity fund that was managed by WealthCap Immobilien .

EUR 100m

Manager of H.F.S. Deutschland 9

WealthCap Immobilien  logo

WealthCap Immobilien

WealthCap Immobilien is a private equity general partner firm headquartered in M√ľnchen , Germany.

Funds managed by WealthCap Immobilien

Closed and liquidated funds managed by WealthCap Immobilien :
Fund name Size Vintage Status
WealthCap Immobilien Deutschland 30 EUR 261m 2008 Closed
H.F.S. Deutschland 10 EUR 678m 2005 Closed
H.F.S. Deutschland 18 EUR 243m 2004 Closed
H.F.S. Deutschland 16 EUR 187m 2002 Closed
H.F.S. Deutschland 15 EUR 149m 2000 Closed
HVB FF BIL Freiberg 2 EUR 30m 1998 Liquidated
H.F.S. Deutschland 12 EUR 663m 1997 Liquidated
HVB FF BIL Freiberg 1 EUR 19m 1997 Liquidated
HVB FF BIL Halle EUR 60m 1997 Liquidated
H.F.S. Deutschland 8 EUR 69m 1996 Liquidated
H.F.S. Leasing 7 EUR 118m 1996 Liquidated
HVB FF BIL Aue i.L. EUR 11m 1996 Liquidated
HVB FF BIL Berlin EUR 36m 1996 Liquidated
HVB FF BIL Leipzig EUR 22m 1996 Liquidated
BC Bad Doberan EUR 56m 1995 Liquidated
H.F.S. Deutschland 6 EUR 351m 1995 Liquidated
H.F.S. Allianz 1 i.L. EUR 35m 1994 Liquidated
H.F.S. Deutschland 11 EUR 436m 1994 Liquidated
H.F.S. Deutschland 7 EUR 77m 1994 Liquidated
H.F.S. Leasing 1 EUR 143m 1994 Liquidated
H.F.S. Deutschland 2 EUR 37m 1993 Liquidated
H.F.S. Deutschland 4 EUR 47m 1993 Liquidated
H.F.S. Deutschland 5 i.L. EUR 131m 1993 Liquidated
H.F.S. Deutschland 9 EUR 100m 1993 Liquidated
HVB FF BIL Rostock EUR 18m 1993 Liquidated
H.F.S. Deutschland 1 EUR 17m 1992 Liquidated
H.F.S. Deutschland 3 EUR 65m 1992 Liquidated
WealthCap Immobilien Deutschland 31 - - Closed
WealthCap Immobilien Deutschland 32 - - Closed
WealthCap Immobilien Deutschland 33 - - Closed
WealthCap Immobilien Deutschland 34 - - Closed
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