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Overview of Jiuding Strategic Fund

Jiuding Strategic Fund is a closed private equity fund managed by JD Capital.

RMB 1,000m
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Manager of Jiuding Strategic Fund

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JD Capital


JD Capital is a private equity general partner firm headquartered in Beijing, China and has other offices in China.

Funds managed by JD Capital

Closed and liquidated funds managed by JD Capital:
Fund name Size Vintage Status
Jiuding China Growth Fund II USD 200m 2014 Closed
Jiuding China Growth Fund USD 120m 2010 Closed
Suzhou Zhouyuan Jiuding Investment Center RMB 998m 2010 Closed
Beijing Shangqi Jiuding Investment Center RMB 310m 2009 Closed
Guolian Kunwu Jiuding (Wuxi) Investment RMB 200m 2009 Closed
Jiaxing Jiahao Jiuding Investment Center RMB 220m 2009 Closed
Xiamen Baojia Jiuding Investment Management RMB 500m 2009 Closed
Xiamen Longtai Jiuding Investment Center RMB 125m 2009 Closed
Beijing Xiaqi Jiuding Investment Center RMB 500m 2008 Closed
Chengdu Xingbang Jiuding Investment Center RMB 300m 2008 Closed
Beijing Zhengdao Jiuding Venture Capital Co., RMB 170m 2007 Closed
Shanghai Kunwu Jiuding Investment Development Center RMB 300m 2007 Closed
Kunwu Jiuding Pharmaceutical Investment Management Co - - Closed
Dagze Junhe - - Closed
Jiuding Capital Mezzanine Fund RMB 10,000m - Closed
Jiuding Strategic Fund RMB 1,000m - Closed
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