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Overview of LCL Innovation 2

LCL Innovation 2 is a closed private equity fund managed by Omnes Capital Venture.

EUR 23m
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Manager of LCL Innovation 2

Omnes Capital Venture logo

Omnes Capital Venture


Omnes Capital Venture is a private equity general partner firm with offices in Belgium, France and Switzerland.

Funds managed by Omnes Capital Venture

Closed and liquidated funds managed by Omnes Capital Venture:
Fund name Size Vintage Status
Capital Invest PME 2010 EUR 15m 2010 Closed
Capital Invest PME 2009 EUR 18m 2009 Closed
LCL Innovation 2009 EUR 13m 2009 Closed
Capital Invest PME EUR 30m 2008 Closed
Crédit Agricole Europe Innovation 2008 EUR 29m 2008 Closed
LCL Innovation 2008 EUR 14m 2008 Closed
LCL Innovation 2007 EUR 24m 2007 Closed
LCL Innovation 2 EUR 23m 2006 Closed
LCL Innovation 1 EUR 24m 2005 Closed
Credit Lyonnais Innovation 6 EUR 26m 2004 Closed
Crédit Lyonnais Venture Capital EUR 32m 2004 Closed
Credit Lyonnais Innovation 5 EUR 25m 2003 Closed
Credit Lyonnais Innovation 4 EUR 20m 2002 Closed
Credit Lyonnais Venture 1 EUR 51m 2002 Closed
Credit Lyonnais Innovation 3 EUR 32m 2001 Closed
Credit Lyonnais Innovation 2 EUR 23m 2000 Closed
Credit Lyonnais Innovation 1 EUR 12m 1999 Closed
Crédit Agricole Israël Venture Selection 1 USD 50m - Closed
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