Enter your fund stake details

You just need to provide: Commitment, Amount Called, NAV, Reference Date and Proof of Owership.


Palico's compliance team reviews your fund details

Our compliance team will review your listing details and verify your proof of ownership.

  • Only one document is required: A proof of ownership


Your fund stake goes live on the platform

Once we’ve approved the listing to will go alive on the platform with relevant fund documents hosted in your Virtual Data Room (VDR). Our matching algorithm then sends an alert to all potential buyers.


Interested buyers request access to your Virtual Data Room

You”ll be notified when interested buyers request access to your virtual data room. As the seller you choose who you want to grant access to your VDR.


Pricing Discovery & Selection

Start receiving bids from interested buyers who you’ve guaranteed access to your VDR. Then decide which bidder you want to move to contact with.

Our values

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Compliance, SEC rules, accredited investors


Each action = you know what happens behind the scenes


Palico keeps implementing new features to stay ahead of the market

Client satisfaction

It is part of our mission to make sure we listen our users to deliver a qualitative experience on the platform.