Meet The Palico Team

Palico is the FinTech firm revolutionizing how the PE fund community discovers and accesses PE fund opportunities.   Our digital marketplace connects buyers with sellers on our secondary platform and LPs with GPs on our primary platform. As we continue shaping the future of private equity, we are always looking for talented people who like to work collaboratively towards a common goal.

Palico Leadership Team

Our Values

Client Obsessed

Everything starts with our clients, our community of PE investors. Our products and services are designed, developed, and tested based on direct client feedback. We take inputs from our clients seriously and use them to continuously improve and deliver a purpose-built product for our PE secondary and primary marketplaces.


Our goal is to challenge the status quo and shape the future of private equity. We use technology and our customer-centric approach to create solutions that streamline processes, increase accessibility, and provide a superior experience for professional PE investors.


We believe that protecting our users' data and assets is paramount. From state-of-the-art technology to strict protocols, we are committed to maintaining the trust our users place in us at the standards expected in the PE industry. Providing a secure experience is at the core of everything we do.

Access & Transparency

Without compromising on security, we fundamentally believe that transparency is key to PE's growth and success. Our commitment is to build a platform that allows more visibility for buyers and sellers to optimize transactions on our secondary marketplace. And for LPs to easily discover GPs on our primary marketplace.

Palico at Private Equity conferences

At Palico we are continuously participating in some of the largest PE conferences across the globe.  Sharing insights and thought leadership from the leading online marketplace for the private equity community.

Want to join Palico?

Palico embraces a culture that is young, multicultural, and dynamic. Palico is looking for talented individuals with a passion for innovation and technology to take on the challenge of disrupting the very traditional private equity industry.