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Why Your PE Fund Needs a Digital Presence

Visibility to LPs at digital scale

Start telling your fund narrative on a secure platform exclusive to LP members who are pre-vetted via a thorough KYC process.

Purpose-built tech-enabled tools

Our matching algorithm generates email alerts to interested LPs. And our integrated features facilitate GP/LP engagement.

Personalized analytics on your fund

Get reports that tell you what content is most attractive to LPs on your fund profile and see insights on traction and LP leads over time.

Bring your PE fund to life

Build your PE fund narrative on a platform that exclusively accepts LPs/accredited institutional investors.

Palico's LP Member Base

A Growing community of +1,400 vetted LP investors

  • Funds of funds 38%
  • Family offices and RIAs 20%
  • Banks, Insurance & Corporates 13%
  • Asset managers 10%
  • Pension funds 7%
  • Sovereign wealth funds 4%
  • Investment consultants 4%
  • Endowments and foundations 4%

Digital solutions for PE investor relations

Attract LPs through reverse solicitation

Fully share your compelling fund story and then let LPs discover & reach out to you directly thus ensuring you attract LPs relevant to your fund strategy and focus.


Maximize your IR team's time & efficiency

Our purpose-built product has been designed for IR team needs. From interviews to data rooms, integrated chat and video conferencing. Our product will save your teams time and money.

Say goodbye to fees & commissions

We’re pioneering an alternative to success fees. Simply pay a fixed monthly subscription to list your fund and access our platform features.

The Digitization of PE Investor Relations

Build a compelling fund profile for LPs to discover

Host content on your fund profile where LPs can dig into your brand and strategy — Take it to the next level and stay ahead of the competition and offer LPs multimedia content that will compel them to start a conversation.

Bring your fund to life

Share an ongoing stream of rich and insightful updates about your fund over time.

Build momentum and amplify your LP funnel

Get monthly reports and analytics on LP leads as your content and updates attract interested investors.

Get reports that tell you what content is most attractive to LPs

Understand which of your thought pieces, interviews, and documents are generating the most traction with reports that measure investor activity of your fund profile. 

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