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Marketplace for LPs

Where LPs discover and access new GPs.

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Discover new GPs

Monitor PE funds based on your defined investment preferences or feel free to openly browse the platform as new updates are shared every day. See an interesting fund? Dive in and track their performance, milestones, investments, and access exclusive fund manager interviews/content over time.

Access new GPs

Start developing new relationships with fund managers, request direct access to their secured data room for further in-depth analysis, and connect with them with our integrated messaging tool.

Why LPs trust Palico

Verified PE Fund Managers

Meet and connect with a wide range of qualified managers whose profiles have been carefully validated by a thorough compliance process. 

Tools That Brings Funds To Life

Discover a variety of fund-related content shared by GPs including firm profile, management team, teaser, fund news, testimonials…

Secured & Encrypted Platform

Benefit from our safe & secure digital environment designed to protect LPs as they discover funds at their discretion.

The two sides of Palico’s Primary Marketplace

The platform is exclusively designed for sophisticated investment professionals (LPs)

The two sides of Palico’s Primary Marketplace

PE funds raising
$100M – $500M+

Global array of GPs

Covering all PE Strategies 

Experienced managers and teams

The pulse of PE funds at all stages

Follow funds at all stages of their fund life. From pre-marketing, to fundraising, to when the fund is fully raised and in-deployment.

LPs discover PE funds like never before

Exclusive and rich content on PE funds and their strategies

Fund managers interviews, videos, and insights

From custom-built audio/video interviews to the curation of bespoke emails that highlight relevant fund news and milestones over time, we work with fund manager to develop captivating content.

Milestones & fund-related news shared by the GP

Get timely updates relating to GPs reaching fundraising milestones and fund news to judge their investement experience and potential.

Conversations today could lead to opportunities tomorrow

Fully engage with GPs directly with scheduled video calls, messaging, and data rooms available in a few clicks.

Anonymous browsing, identity disclosed at LPs discretion

Our platform architecture is designed with LPs in mind so they browse anonymously & disclose themselves at their discretion.

Membership details

Becoming an LP Member on Palico

LP applicants are verified across four areas:

  1. Firm-level verification: process to substantiate the corporate entity.
  2. User verification: proof of identity and employment.
  3. Investor status verification: verification as accredited investor.
  4. Proof of regulatory oversight body: confirmation of the regulatory body that the LP falls under (i.e., FINRA in the USA or FCA in the UK).
Our Disruptive Model...No Fees
  • No commission fees: in fact LPs don’t pay at all to be a member on Palico.
  • GPs pay a flat subscription: beyond that, like we said, there really aren’t any success fees, commission fees etc. on our primary marketplace.
  • Unlimited browsing and connections: LPs get to discover, access and build as many relevant relationships as they wish, disclosing their identity at their discretion.

Palico, the Marketplace for LPs