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Brett Hickey, Star Mountain Capital
Brett Hickey, Star Mountain Capital
We secured several commitments using Palico and the standout element was the remarkable efficiency of the digital marketplace.
Brett Hickey, Star Mountain Capital

Read Star Mountain raises capital on Palico

Palico streamlines efforts to broaden our investor network and insures that our face-to-face meetings are productive.
Gian Paolo Potsios
Partner, Timberland Investment Resources Europe
Palico is very useful for building and maintaining a broad, diverse and uncorrelated investor base.
Tom Clausen
Managing Partner & Co-founder, Capvent
Palico gives us access to potential investors that we would otherwise have found only with great difficulty, if at all.

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Frequently asked questions

Can I rely on Palico’s KYC process for accredited investors?
Even though we run a compliance check on all users we can’t share our KYC information. You will still have to do your own due diligence.
General Solicitation
Palico does not engage in general solicitation.
Is Palico a Broker-Dealer?
No, Palico simply provides an online Do-It-Yourself fundraising platform.
Palico provides neither fundraising nor investment advice.
Palico does not take part in the transaction.
Reverse solicitation and AIFMD
Palico’s platform is based on reverse solicitation as LPs discover opportunities on their own and must request access to data rooms. In most areas of the world - and notably according to the European Union’s AIFMD regulations - reverse solicitation permits an LP to interact with a GP who isn’t passported into the LP’s home country for marketing purposes.
As part of the reverse solicitation process, only LP members that have registered their interests on Palico are notified about new fundraisings that match their interests.