Customer Reviews

What IR Teams are saying

“We secured several commitments using Palico and the standout element was the remarkable efficiency of the digital marketplace. It really saved us time […], the investors who committed to our fund were able to screen us ahead of time. We cut through a lot of the extraneous meetings and correspondence that a GP otherwise has to go through before getting to the meat of the business. In sum, we raised capital quickly and closed our fund more rapidly than would have been the case without Palico.”

Brett Hickey, Founder & CEO

“The Palico technology platform is very good relative to what we have seen elsewhere. I think it’s very strong. I like the direct communication feature, being able to open the data room, and being able to message those clients directly after they’ve had an inquiry is very important. The technology is all there, it’s a great package.”

 Rich Terres, Partner

“The best and biggest value is that the LP would never have known about Good Growth Capital if it wasn’t for Palico. […] I definitely love all the different things that we are working on with the Palico team. I love the fact that  we did the podcast, as well as the Q&A highlighting one of our key deals. I really appreciate those things.  I’m also really excited about the video we’re working on together.”

Maureen Stacik Boyce, PhD, Managing Partner 

“Palico gives us access to potential investors that we would otherwise have found only with great difficulty if at all.”

Johnny El Hachem, CEO

“Palico is very useful for building and maintaining a broad, diverse and uncorrelated investor base.”

Tom Clausen, Managing Partner & Co-founder

“Palico streamlines efforts to broaden our investor network and ensures that our face-to-face meetings are productive.” 

Gian Paolo Potsios, Partner

What Secondary Buyers/Sellers Are Saying

“We found interesting the diversity of the potential buyers. We also liked the fact that we were able to remain anonymous throughout most of the process, which in our view might prevent an adjustment in price from the counterparties based on the type of the potential seller.”

Anonymous Family Office LP

“The platform is designed for the task at hand, and that made a big difference. It probably helped that the buyer & seller were talking directly versus the broker model. […] And Pricing was slightly higher than expected and clearly the function of having multiple bids.”

Randy Domolky, Co-founder & Managing Director

“With Palico, we stay on top of investment opportunities across the globe and across specialties.”

Gonzalo Eguiagaray, Investment Manager

“Palico is a good platform to facilitate secondary transactions for relatively small positions, with a pool of serious and professional potential buyers.”

Anonymous Family Office LP