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Overview of FCPR Sud Capital III

FCPR Sud Capital III is a closed private equity fund managed by Smalt Capital.

EUR 6m
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Manager of FCPR Sud Capital III

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Smalt Capital


Smalt Capital is a private equity general partner firm headquartered in Marseille, France.

Funds managed by Smalt Capital

Closed and liquidated funds managed by Smalt Capital:
Fund name Size Vintage Status
FCPI Innoveris Ecotechnologie 2013 EUR 1m 2013 Closed
FIP Néoveris Santé & Bien-Etre 2013 EUR 2m 2013 Closed
FCPI Innoveris 2012 EUR 2m 2012 Closed
FCPR Croissance IV EUR 30m 2012 Closed
FCPR Run Croissance EUR 20m 2012 Closed
FCPR Run Développement EUR 11m 2012 Closed
FIP Néoveris Corse 2012 EUR 13m 2012 Closed
FIP Néoveris Santé & Bien-Etre EUR 4m 2012 Closed
FCPI Innoveris Prime 4 EUR 3m 2011 Closed
FIP Néoveris 10 EUR 4m 2011 Closed
FIP Néoveris Outre-mer 2011 EUR 1m 2011 Closed
FCPI Innoveris Prime 3 EUR 5m 2010 Closed
FCPR Energreen II EUR 15m 2010 Closed
FIP Corse Suminà EUR 5m 2010 Closed
FIP Néoveris 9 EUR 6m 2010 Closed
FCPI Innoveris Prime 2 EUR 6m 2009 Closed
FIP Néoveris 7 EUR 4m 2009 Closed
FIP Néoveris 8 EUR 7m 2009 Closed
FIP Néoveris Corse 2009 EUR 12m 2009 Closed
FCPI Innoveris Prime 1 EUR 15m 2008 Closed
FCPR Altermed APEF EUR 14m 2008 Closed
FCPR Altermed Global EUR 6m 2008 Closed
FCPR Altermed Maghreb EUR 25m 2008 Closed
FCPR Cassis Invest EUR 4m 2008 Closed
FIP Néoveris 6 EUR 21m 2008 Closed
FIP Néoveris Corse 2008 EUR 10m 2008 Closed
FCPI Innoveris VIII EUR 16m 2007 Closed
FCPR Connect Capital EUR 29m 2007 Closed
FIP Néoveris 5 EUR 14m 2007 Closed
FIP Néoveris Corse 2007 EUR 15m 2007 Closed
FCPI Innoveris VII EUR 30m 2006 Closed
FCPR Sud Capital III EUR 6m 2006 Closed
FIP Néoveris 4 EUR 12m 2006 Closed
FCPI Innoveris VI EUR 31m 2005 Closed
FIP Néoveris 3 EUR 7m 2005 Closed
FIP Néoveris Réunion 2005 EUR 2m 2005 Closed
FCPI Innoveris V EUR 30m 2004 Closed
FIP Néoveris 2 EUR 7m 2004 Closed
FCPI Innoveris IV EUR 10m 2003 Closed
FIP Néoveris 1 EUR 7m 2003 Closed
FCPI Innoveris III EUR 22m 2002 Closed
FCPR Sud Capital 2 EUR 13m 2002 Closed
FCPI Innoveris Compartiment 2 EUR 28m 2001 Closed
FCPR Alyseventure EUR 35m 2001 Closed
FCPI Innoveris Compartiment 1 EUR 9m 2000 Closed
R2V - - Closed
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