In Palico’s Secondary Marketplace, LP members are able to buy and sell PE fund stakes across various strategies including LBO, VC, Growth, Infra, RE, and Distressed Funds.

In Palico’s Primary Marketplace, LPs can gain direct access to promising private capital fund managers looking to raise capital in their latest funds.

In Palico’s Secondary Marketplace, GPs can use the platform as a value-add tool to help their LPs access liquidity while providing a way for managers to oversee the process.

Palico’s Primary Marketplace is designed to complement a fund managers fundraising efforts, providing a digital platform where GPs can communicate their fund momentum and attract interested LP investors.

Service providers are encouraged to get in touch with the Palico team to discover all of the ways we can work together on behalf of any SP’s network:

  • Buy/sell fund stakes
  • Discover investment opportunities
  • Digitize liquidity or fundraising efforts
  • Expand network presence

The Palico compliance process

Firm verifications

Every new user is validated for identity of employment and checked as a corporate entity.

Sophisticated investors

Each applicant is verified for sophistication to ensure they are Accredited Investors.

Quality of opportunities

All funds and fund stakes are heavily screened for proof of ownership to assure top-tier opportunities.