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Palico is the leading private equity marketplace for institutional investors seeking liquidity for their small to mid-sized fund interests. The platform, designed by PE professionals, standardizes the process while also unlocking access to secondary buyers.

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Why LPs use Palico

The PE secondary market has fast become a versatile tool for institutional investors to manage their PE portfolio.
With our digital platform, everyone from first-time to experienced sellers can participate.

Active Portfolio Management

Accelerate strategic shifts in your portfolio by divesting non-core assets.

Rebalance Portfolio

Manage against your allocation targets by reducing exposure through secondary sales.

Administrative Burden

Reduce unneeded administrative burden by letting go of accumulated tail-end funds.

Relationship Management

Optimize your GP relationships based on investment strategy and focus.


Address contingent or recurring cash needs with access to early liquidity.

Regulatory Changes

Meet capital adequacy requirements through the sale of PE assets.

Secondaries done differently

Palico is changing how institutional investors engage PE secondaries.

Standardized process

Within minutes sellers can list their PE fund interest(s). Whether a single fund stake or a portfolio, our platform offers a step-by-step process designed for optimizing and facilitating the sale of PE fund stakes.

Leading buyer base

Palico has over 75% of all major secondary buyers in the market. Plus, a growing number of LPs and non-traditional buyers fostering a competitive multi-bidder environment.

Control & transparency

Our platform provides sellers with transparency into the secondary sales process as well as full visibility and communication with a dedicated dashboard and messaging module to monitor interactions with buyers.

The benefits of selling on Palico's digital platform

No fees for sellers

On the platform, sellers can post and transact on their listings for free. Sellers can withdraw their positions at any point in the process at no cost.

Dedicated experts

All members are assigned a dedicated product specialist for guidance, assistance, and best practices throughout the process.

Encrypted data room

Our platform is fully encrypted and protected with multi-layer security protocols. Host sensitive information and engage in conversations securely and with confidence.

An array of traditional and non-traditional secondary buyers on Palico’s PE fund marketplace

"Palico has made it so that in just a few clicks you can source secondary transactions and deal flow that are relevant to you."

Eric Marchand,

A streamlined path to liquidity

Private equity secondaries optimized for institutional investors.


Draft submission

The process starts with the seller creating a draft of their listing using our easy 3-step information gathering template.


Compliance review

Palico’s compliance department reviews the listing details & prepares the listing teaser page that buyers will see on the platform. Estimated time is under 2 days.


Listing approval

The seller receives a preview of the fund listing details for approval. Palico publishes the “teaser” and an alert is sent out to all relevant buyers.


Bidding process

The seller can then review and approve interested buyers. Sellers can exchange NDA, provide more information, respond to inquiries, and receive non-binding bids from potential buyers.


Bid selection

The seller reviews all submitted bids and proceeds to select a preferred buyer in order to formalize a binding offer.


Offline finalization

Seller and buyer finalize contract terms offline and agree on: Term Sheet, SPA & Transfer Agreement.

The world’s most powerful secondary dashboard

Monitor all your fund listings in one place. Review interested buyers anonymously, control who you interact with, and quickly oversee all ongoing conversations.