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Where LPs discover and access new investment opportunities


LP Membership


This membership will allow you to monitor PE funds aligned with your pre-defined preferences, explore various fund performance milestones and gain exclusive interview content from fund managers. Go one step further with our integrated messaging tool to request direct data room access, build connections and begin developing a strong analysis.


The fund manager will engage in preliminary activities within the pre-marketing phase to generate interest and secure commitments from potential investors before officially launching the fund.


For this phase, private equity fund managers actively  engage in extensive marketing, and build relationships with potential investors to obtain capital commitments.


With a goal of generating returns for the fund's investors, this final phase marks the transition of securing capital commitments and executing the fund's investment strategy.



Verified PE Fund Managers

Connect with a wide range of qualified managers whose profiles have been carefully validated by a thorough compliance process.

Tools That Bring Funds To Life

Examine a variety of fund-related content shared by the GP including a firm profile, management team information, fund teasers and testimonials.

Secure & Encrypted Platform

Benefit from our safe and secure digital environment designed to protect LPs as they explore fund opportunities at their discretion.



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Like never before

Designed for discovery

Our platform is designed specifically for LPs to browse anonymously and only disclose their identity when they decide to engage further with the GP.

Meaningful conversations

Broaden your network in only a few clicks, by fully engaging with GPs directly through scheduled calls, messaging and data room access.

GP news & milestones

Receive timely updates from GPs as they reach fundraising milestones and other relevant fund news that demonstrates their investment experience.

Fund manager material

View relevant fund news and custom-built audio/video interviews that Palico team members work with fund managers to develop captivating content for you.


Members of Palico’s platform are limited exclusively to professional LP investors and GP Private Equity specialists with the aim of curating a space featuring sophisticated and experienced PE players.

Limited Partners (LP) :

Palico’s marketplace requires that all LP members on the platform meet the criteria of Accredited Investor as defined by the SEC. Palico is a platform designed exclusively for professional investors and does not host any retail investors. In total, Palico has 3,100+ individual LP members across 1,400+ LP firms. The following list showcases all Palico LP member types:

  • Pension Funds
  • Governments and Sovereign Wealth Funds
  • Foundations and Endowments
  • Fund of Funds
  • Family Offices
  • Registered Investment Advisers
  • Gatekeepers
  • Banks and Insurance Companies
  • Corporate Investors
  • Asset Managers
  • Ultra High Net Worth Individuals (on a case by case basis)

In order to become a member of Palico’s marketplace, you can fill out our sign up form in under five minutes. Once submitted, Palico’s internal compliance team handles the rest:

For LPs

To verify LPs joining the platform, Palico validates applicants across four areas:

  1. User verification: proof of identity and employment.
  2. Investor status verification: verify the status of the applicant firm or individual as an Accredited Investor.
  3. Proof of regulatory oversight body: confirmation of the regulatory body that the company falls under (i.e., FINRA in the USA or FCA in the UK).
  • No commission fees: LPs don’t pay anything to be a Palico member.
  • Unlimited browsing and connections: LPs get to discover, access and build an expansive network disclosing their identity at their discretion.
  • GPs pay a flat subscription: no additional charges on top of the original subscription on the primary marketplace.

Palico’s platform combines technological excellence along with regulatory compliance. We continuously improve the platform to ensure the security and confidentiality for all of our users.

Security and Data Protection:

Palico is a cloud-based platform and complies with the industry-standard data security protocols. Our network and infrastructure use several security layers (encryption, authentication, authorization) to guarantee the confidentiality and integrity of all recorded and exchanged data. All security layers are based on widely used and approved protocols in the industry and comply with ISO 27001 certification.


Palico offers a virtual data room to share confidential information with selected counterparties. The data room’s access is granted by the seller (in the case of a secondary sale) or by the GP (in the case of fundraising) for chosen requesters. Palico also provides an end-to-end encrypted messaging module in order to negotiate and discuss transaction details privately.


Palico is designed to maintain the anonymity of all LP members on the platform:

  1. Palico respects the LP’s preference to remain anonymous on the platform. 
  2. At the sellers discretion, their identity can be kept confidential up until the LOI stage.
  3. In the event the LP selling a secondary fund stake the identity of the seller is kept confidential at the discretion of the LP but does have an obligation to reveal their identity once the process gets to the LOI stage of a secondary sale.


The marketplace is controlled and overseen by our internal compliance team. The compliance team thoroughly monitors member activity to ensure that no member is misusing the information available online.

Transparency and Standardization:

Palico is built on the premise of providing a level-playing field to all its members on the platform. It does so by giving all its members’ access to the same information presented in a standardized form for all investment or sale opportunities available on the marketplace.


For Limited Partners

Where LPs discover and access new investment opportunities