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Overview of FIP NextStage Selection

FIP NextStage Selection is a closed private equity fund managed by Nextstage AM.

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Manager of FIP NextStage Selection

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Nextstage AM


Nextstage AM is a private equity general partner firm headquartered in Paris, France.

Funds managed by Nextstage AM

Closed and liquidated funds managed by Nextstage AM:
Fund name Size Vintage Status
FCPI NextStage CAP 2016 EUR 25m 2010 Closed
FCPR PME Championnes II EUR 69m 2009 Closed
Aurel Leven Nexstage Entreprises 2003 - 2003 Closed
FCPI NextStage Découvertes 2008 - - Closed
FCPI NextStage Découvertes 2009-2010 - - Closed
FCPI NextStage Développement 2006 - - Closed
FCPI NextStage Développement 2007 - - Closed
FCPI NextStage Entreprises - - Closed
FCPI NextStage Entreprises 2003 - - Closed
FCPI NextStage Entreprises 2004 - - Closed
FCPI NextStage Entreprises 2005 - - Closed
FIP NextStage Convictions - - Closed
FIP NextStage Patrimoine - - Closed
FIP NextStage Références 2008 - - Closed
FIP NextStage Selection - - Closed
FIP NextStage Transmission 2006 - - Closed
FIP NextStage Transmission 2007 - - Closed
NextStage Enterprise - - Closed
SME Champions II - - Closed
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