Palico Capital Calls

Welcome to ‘Palico Capital Calls’, a podcast where we have conversations with some of the most brilliant minds in private equity. On our program we chat with LPs, GPs, and advisors to hear candid stories about the industry and to get their take on what really matters.

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Palico Capital Calls - Episode 5

Insights from a pioneer in the emerging markets PE space

Steven Cowan, co-founder and managing director of 57 Stars, is a pioneer in the emerging markets private equity space, having begun his PE career in the mid-90s at the Overseas Private Investment Corporation (OPIC - now known as the DFC). We talk about his unique path into the industry, and we also get his thoughtful insights on emerging markets and what it means for PE investing in today’s market.

Palico Capital Calls - Episode 4

A European Venture Capital Perspective on the Effects of Covid-19 ft. Luca Mannucci, CIO & Managing Partner at Sella Venture Partners

As an experienced venture capital investor, Luca Mannucci reflects on his past experiences in the field, the storied history of Banca Sella Group in the venture space, and how he thinks the current crisis may affect investment decisions from investors actively allocating to venture capital.

Palico Capital Calls - Episode 3

Why PE in the APAC region may rebound well from Covid-19 ft. Eric Marchand, Head of APAC PE at Unigestion

In episode three of Palico Capital Calls our Head of Strategy, Claire Commons, speaks to Eric Marchand, the Head of APAC Private Equity at Unigestion, who joins us all the way from Singapore to discuss the current and future outlook for private equity in the Asia Pacific region. The discussion highlights Eric's start in private equity, where it has brought him today with Unigestion, and gives insight as to why the APAC region may come out of the current crisis stronger than other regions in the world.

Palico Capital Calls - Episode 2

Endowment investing in a crisis ft. Ted Lamade, Investment Director, Carnegie Center for Science

In episode two our Head of Strategy, Claire Commons, sits down with Ted Lamade, Investment Director at the Carnegie Center for Science. In this candid interview, we discuss Ted's life and growth as an investor who has dealt with crises in the past and how he continues to make investment decisions during the current downturn at a storied endowment.

Palico Capital Calls - Episode 1

What PE can (and can't!) learn from previous crises ft. Claire Commons, Head of Strategy at Palico

In our first episode, we talk to our very own Claire Commons, Head of Strategy here at Palico. We discuss her 20-year career in Private Equity that has seen everything from 9/11, to the Tech-Bubble of the early 2000s, to the Global Financial Crisis of 08/09. She talks about what we can learn from those moments and what happens to be different in the time of Covid-19.