Access a unique secondary deal flow


Find a broad range of opportunities including funds-of-funds, niche funds, etc.

Create your wish list.

Be notified when target funds hit the market.


List your secondaries anonymously and non-exclusively (you can have an agent).

Decide upon buyers.

Sell with no fees.

The largest pool of secondary buyers and sellers

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Frequently asked questions

What kind of information must I provide to list a stake for sale?
We need proof of ownership to list your fund stake for sale.
How is Palico compensated?
Buyers pay a fee of 1% of the transacted amount.
Do I have to sell my stake if I list it?
No, there is no obligation to sell your stake.
Is Palico a Broker-Dealer?
No, Palico simply provides an online Do-It-Yourself fundraising and secondary platform.
Palico provides neither fundraising nor investment advice.